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Cafe Verde Vivo

Project type



Design Concept, Technical Drawing, Modeling


Rhino 3D, Adobe Illustrator



At the corner of 24th and Valencia in San Francisco's Mission District, we designed a coffee roastery and work space for the surrounding community. A semi permeable, curved facade invites pedestrians in from the street, providing an indoor-outdoor cafe experience.

The ground floor includes a cafe lounge that encircles the roaster, allowing visitors to observe the coffee-making process and order drinks. The upper levels are flexible coworking spaces: private meeting rooms, open work spaces, and bar seating surrounding the atrium to accommodate the needs of creative and tech professionals. Wooden louvers run and rotate on a track to automatically respond to lighting conditions throughout the day. EV charging stations on the ground level are powered by a solar panel array on the roof, further offsetting energy consumption.

Team member: Kelvin Yeoh

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